Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Well overdue....

Okay well I started this blog in 2009, yes I know I have not written anything till now. So overdue and I feel so horrible. So many times I have stayed up and written things but never got around to actually posting it. Some of it has to do with the fact that I'm a mom of two a super busy and find it hard to find the time. Most of it has to do with me feeling like it won't mean anything, no one will read it, and I'm not the best writer. I finally decided none of that matters and I need an outlet so why not. Trying to find my mojo in motherhood, as a wife, as a woman is what I strive to do, though I have now realized my mojo will not always be exactly how my imagine its just taking life as it comes and enjoying it. I don't know if anyone will follow my blog or even care but if your reading I hope you'll laugh, cry, and maybe even give me your outlook or support where ever I am in life. Soon I will post some pics of my life, my wonderful husband, and my two gorgeous boys!!!

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